IBBI 14 - Conference on Isolated Biomolecules and Biomolecular Interactions


Please follow this link IBBI 16 for the next IBBI conference to be held in Oxford in 2016

We thank the invited and hot topic speakers along with all the attendees for their great contribution to IBBI 14 ! We wish to see you in Oxford in April 2016.

The organizing committee gratefully acknowledges the following organizations for their support that makes this conference possible:

The international conference IBBI 2014 will bring together leading scientists working in diverse fields related to isolated biomolecules and their interactions. The IBBI meeting series began in 2000 in Les Houches, France, and was held every other year since then (Germany in 2002, UK in 2004, Czech Republic in 2006, Spain in 2008, Germany in 2010 and Switzerland in 2012). The focus of the meeting is on isolated biological molecules, biomolecular complexes and their interactions (e.g., structure, dynamics, mass spectrometry, ion mobility, spectroscopy, theory and related fields). The goal of the meeting is to promote exchange between the different communities and approaches, leading to a better understanding of biological molecules and of their interactions.

As in previous conferences, the program will consist of invited talks, posters and “hot topics” selected from the poster abstracts.


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Topics include experiments and theory on:


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Porquerolles Island


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